Services: Mechanical

We provide investigations and design solutions in the following disciplines:

Heating, Ventalition and Air-Conditioning
•  Chilled water systems
•  Thermal energy storage systems
•  Direct expansion computer room systems
•  VRV/VRF systems with or without heat recovery
•  Commercial and Domestic Split units
•  Free cooling applications
•  Fresh air systems
•  Ventilation for statutory compliance
•  Ventilation of generator installations
•  Special designed air conditioning units for specific applications

•  Statutory compliance upgrades
•  Upgrade, remodelling and replacement projects

Fire compliance of buildings
•  Building inspection and Evaluation for compliance
•  Design for compliance

Diesel installations
•  Flammable Substance Certificates from Local Authority
•  Diesel bulk tank installation designs
•  Diesel piping installations
•  Diesel storage area ventilation

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